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(1) Yang’s Dual Style Tai Chi Chuan (DVD)

Yang's Dual Style VCD

Demonstrated by Sifu Laurens Lee. Contents include Chi Kung breathing exercises, 24 forms of relaxation exercise, Section 1-6 of Yang’s Dual Style Tai Chi Chuan, and Tai Chi Chuan San Shou.




Annotated Theoretical and Practical Tai Chi Chuan

(2) Chinese-English The Annotated Theoretical and Practical Tai Chi Chuan
By Tchong Ta-Tchen. Vancouver, B.C.: Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association, 1995

Written by Master Tchong Ta-Tchen, and edited/translated by Sifu Laurens Lee, this book is a record of Master Tchoung’s insights into the art of Tai Chi Chuan.  He explained in details the history and theory of Tai Chi Chuan, the basic techniques and forms, push hands, san shou (sparring), as well as how Tai Chi Chuan benefits the human body.  Explanation and comments are in both English and Chinese and with illustration.


 (3) Simplified Yang’s Dual Style Tai Chi Chuan (DVD, in Cantonese)

Simplified Yang's Dual Style DVDThis DVD records a series of TV program “Morning Exercise” produced by the Fairchild Television. In total 25 episodes, the program introduces the “Simplified Yang’s dual style Tai Chi Chuan”, which is a 40-form rearranged by Master Laurens Lee. Master Lee explains in details and demonstrates each movement in the program.




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