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Senior Students

Sifu and senior students outside Captiol Hill Community HallHaving followed Sifu Laurens Lee for a number of years, the senior students have deeply learned the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan for body and mind. Through intense study and practice, they have gained experience in the art and philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan and are willing to share their knowledge with junior students. They do Tai Chi demonstrations at various events in the Lower Mainland and help organize the Assocation's annual summer BBQ, Chinese New Year celebrations and other activities.


Let's hear why they enjoy practicing Tai Chi:

At Roundhouse Community CentreOutside Cascade Village“I've been going to Tai Chi for a number of years. In the beginning, I was just looking for some non strenuous exercises to do on a regular basis. Gradually, I began to sense the meaning of the movements and feel the benefits from practising the forms. The exercises provide me with a physical and mental balance. I go to my Tai Chi class to maintain my vitality for the rest of the work week.”

“Seven years ago, my hand was so painful that I could not even use chopsticks. Then I forced myself to learn Tai Chi. I remember after the first lesson, I cried in the middle of the night, awoken by severe pain. I wanted to quit. I am glad I didn't. During these years, I have to thank John for introducing me to Tai Chi, my husband's encouragement, Sifu's patience and guidance, and most of all God's blessing. Tai Chi heals my body and mind. I really love it now.”

Brush knee twist stepStick formPunch“Tai Chi benefits me both mentally and physically. When practising Tai Chi, I feel relaxed and relieved from pressure. It also improves my flexibility, sense of balance, response and strength.”

“At 68 I enjoy better heath than at 60 when I started Tai Chi. Even though my workload has doubled, the stress is more manageable. On the tennis court I manage to keep up with my younger son.”

“I find there are many benefits in practising Tai Chi Chuan. It improves my balance, strength, agility, flexibility and coordination, in other words, my overall fitness. The slow and graceful movement of Tai Chi Chuan is truly relaxing. It not only exercises the body, but also the mind and is so beneficial in reducing the stress of modern-day life. Since I started to practise Tai Chi Chuan, I sleep more soundly at night.  Just learning to relax and breathe more deeply can be reason enough for anybody to take Tai Chi Chuan.” 

At Sifu's place“I took Tai Chi from an excellent Sifu in Toronto in the early 80's and moved to Vancouver in 1987.  It wasn't until 10 years later that I found Sifu and took up the practice of Tai Chi again.  It felt like coming home to me.  I remember climbing Chief Stawamus in Squamish a couple of years ago.  I was a little concerned as the only exercise I did at that time was Tai Chi.  I was amazed that I could hike up the Chief and back down without any problems.  I'm convinced that if I had not built up both the inner and outer strength and flexibility in my body and mind through the practice of Tai Chi, I would not have been able to make it.”

“I practiced other martial art form before, but what I got were bruises all over the body.  Later someone recommended Tai Chi to me and I found it suits me more.   It has been more than ten years since I met Sifu and learned from him.   Tai Chi is not only a hobby.   Its principle of relaxation and roundness can also be applied in our daily lives.  It helps a lot in dealing with people and situations.”

At Sifu's place“I enjoy learning Tai Chi Chuan because it is a very challenging form of Martial Art. After 15 plus years of learning, I discovered that I am just beginning to understand its purpose, requirements, healing power, discipline, and self-protection. In another word, there is new discovery waiting for me in every class. Our classes consist of different levels of students, yet we can all mingle together, have fun and learn from each other. Sifu is a very patient, kind, yet serious teacher. He let students progress at their speed. There are many other benefits from learning of Tai chi Chuan. You really have to discover for yourself whether this is your kind of exercise.”

Sword formStick formSaber form“Many people think that Tai Chi is only for seniors.  In fact, like getting interest by putting your savings in a bank, you will also receive the “interest of health” regularly if you take advantage of your youthful years by learning Tai Chi.  One’s physique and vitality reaches its height when one is young. As the saying goes, “Practice hard in early years, blood and chi can circulate well late in life”.  Tai Chi Chuan can be a lifelong practice. The earlier you invest, the higher the interest you gain.  Why not do it?”

“After these years of Tai Chi practices, I have found it to be like an art.  The more I know about it, the more I discover there is to learn, and perfection seems to be even farther away.”  

“Tai Chi helps to ease lower back pain and makes one feel relax in body and mind afterwards. Tai Chi helps to improve our overall fitness and gives us an excuse to eat more. Without Sifu's patience and brothers'/sisters' help in teaching us the forms again and again despite our forgetfulness, laziness and occasional temporary disappearance, we would have given up Tai Chi a long time ago. We are a pretty good group for giggling, chatting and eating together.”

Lotus kickFair lady works at shuttleGolden cock stand“Chinese culture is long standing and well established.  The whole world is amazed by the four great inventions of ancient China and the recently held Beijing Olympics.  In ancient times, Shennong tasted a myriad of herbs and Bianque used a silver needle in treatment.  These are now put into practice after scientific research. Both East and West consider Tai Chi Chuan an art form or a martial art form. Tai Chi Chuan is the ultimate way of keeping good health.”  

“After a hard week, the body craves release – physical and mental – and tai chi provides it in ways beautiful, meditative and enduring. That, Sifu and my fellow students draws me back each week and after.” 

Outside Cascade Village“I have studied Tai Chi for 7 years, and I love it. It not only helped me improve physically, mentally and spiritually, but having the support of Sifu and the senior students has also helped me become more confident and a better person. The slow movements of Tai chi helped me to become more aware of my own body movement, posture, and also myself. I definitely recommend Tai Chi to people who want to improve their overall health, fitness and lives.”

“After a long day, I find that Tai Chi relaxes me and helps relieve stress. Unlike many other forms of exercise which are physically taxing, practicing Tai Chi boosts my energy level and always leaves me feeling refreshed. After 10 years of practicing Tai Chi, I have found that my health has At Roundhouse Community Centreimproved significantly. Besides, I always enjoy the company of the great bunch of people in my class.”  

“Few years ago, I had shoulder and back pain.  I went for massage and physiotherapy and even tried Chinese cupping.  The pain subsided after several treatments, but when I didn't go, the pain woke me up in the middle of the night. One of my friends told me to do Tai Chi.  So I took up her suggestion and started learning from Sifu.  I learned how to relax my muscles and improve my balance and blood circulation.  The exercises have loosened me up.  I have less pain, and I can sleep well most of the time.  Tai Chi has become part of my routine for healthy living.”

Push handSword form
“I have been practicing Tai Chi for nearly ten years. To me, it is not only an exercise which is beneficial for the body and mind, but also a form of art. The more you learn, the less you know...and that's why it is worth spending a long time pursuing it. I am glad to have Sifu to guide the way, and a group of fellows that support and encourage each other.”






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