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Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association of Canada


The Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association of Canada was founded in Vancouver in the early 70’s at 500 Cordova Street under Master Tchoung Ta-Tchen.  As Master Tchoung’s skills became better known, the association expanded.  Often the space could not accommodate the number of students that came to practise.  On warm days the members often practised outside at the adjoining Opperheimer Park, attracting park patrons and passerbys. As the demand for commercial space increased, the association was forced to relocate.  The association is now at its third location. 

Master Tchoung Ta TchenMaster Tchoung’s studies of internal martial arts started with a study of Qigong at Omei mountain in Sichuan Province in China in 1942.  Then in 1958 Master Tchoung learned Tai Chi from Shi Diao-Mei.  In 1961 Master Tchoung started to study Tai Chi from Master Cheng Man Ching, notably Cheng’s push hands technique. 

Master Tchoung went to the West African county of Gabon to teach President Bongo Tai Chi Chuan in 1970.  He established the South Africa Chinese Health and Self-Defense Club in Johannesburg in 1971.  A year later he came to Canada and established the Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association of Canada in Vancouver.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association and the publication of Master Tchoung’s book “The Annotated Theoretical and Practical Tai Chi Chuan”, the Association together with the Chinese Cultural Centre of Vancouver jointly organized a Tai Chi conference called "Tai Chi Chuan and Modern Lifestyles" on June 8-9, 1996.