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Master Tchoung Ta Tchen

Master Tchoung Ta TchenMaster Tchoung Ta Tchen grew up as a sports enthusiast and picked up Tai Chi in 1942 when he learned Chi Kung from a senior Taoist monk at Omei Mountain in Sichuan Province of China.  In 1958 he studied Tai Chi Chuan from Sifu Shi Diao-Mei, then 1961 from Sifu Cheng Man Ching.  Master Tchoung began teaching in 1970 when he became Tai Chi Chuan instructor for President Bongo of Gabon.  Next year he established the South African Chinese Health and Self Defense Club in Johannesburg.  He moved to Canada in 1972 and established the Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association of Canada.

Teaching Tai Chi Chuan for a few decades, Master Tchoung has brought Tai Chi Chuan to different cultures in three continents. In 2000, after years of dedication, he passed away in the City of Richmond, B.C., Canada at the age of 89. His students spread all over the world. Most of them are currently teaching and passing on the art of Tai Chi Chuan.